Digital Marketing Salary: What to Expect in the Industry

The world of digital marketing is always changing. Many people wonder, “How much can I make?” This is true for both newbies and those with lots of experience. The field is growing fast, making it key to understand digital marketing salaries for your next job or raise. Excited to find out what you could make in this fast-growing field?

Today, the average digital marketing salary in the U.S. varies. It can be as low as $63,6481 and as high as $77,3811. But, these are just starting points. How much you earn is also affected by how much experience you have, where you work, and the size of the company.2 The Bureau of Labor Statistics says marketing managers make good money in digital marketing. On average, they pull in $135,030 annually. Their pay can be as ‘low’ as $61,250 or as high as $208,000.3

Key Takeaways

Digital marketing pay can change a lot. It’s based on how much you know, the size of your company, its industry, and where you are. The average salary in the U.S. falls between $63,648 and $77,381, depending on the info source. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says marketing managers in digital marketing make between $61,250 and $208,000 on average.

  • Special roles can make even more, like social media or SEO managers.
  • Continuing to learn, get certified, and build your portfolio can boost your career and salary.

Digital Marketing Salary: An Overview

The digital marketing world is crucial for business success today. Many companies see the value in good digital marketing. They are eager to hire professionals who can boost their online reach and connect with customers.1

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Today’s Business Landscape

The need for digital marketers is growing fast. This is because online platforms have become key for reaching customers. Every business, no matter the size, looks to hire people who understand digital channels. They want to use platforms like social media, email, and SEO to turn visitors into customers.1

Factors Influencing Digital Marketing Salaries

Digital marketing salaries can change based on many things. This includes education, job experience, what skills are hot in the market, where you work, and the size or type of company.2 In the U.S., marketers earn an average of $135,030 yearly. But, someone’s pay can range from $61,250 to $208,000.4

Your level of education matters, with most experts holding bachelor’s degrees. And the sector you work in can also affect your salary. For example, marketers in finance might make more than those in education.2

Where you work geographically also influences pay. In San Francisco, for instance, managers earn 25.0% more than the national average. But in Miami, salaries are 3.5% lower.4 Other top-paying locations include Washington, DC, Chicago, Boston, and New York.4

The data shows that digital marketing offers good earning potential. On average, salaries range from $108,389 to $141,892. Total compensation, including bonuses, can be even higher, reaching up to $157,545.4 This shows that companies are willing to invest in digital marketing talent to succeed online.1

Digital Marketing Jobs and Their Salaries

The digital marketing field is expanding fast. It offers many high-paying jobs. Some top roles include social media marketing manager, earning around $57,1261, and content marketing manager, making about $87,0371. Email marketing managers do even better, with an average of $97,5381.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social media marketing managers handle strategies on different online platforms. They earn an average of $57,1261. Salaries change based on experience, the company they work for, and the field, says the second source.

Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialists create interesting content to catch and hold customers’ attention. Their average salary is $87,0371. These roles often pay more than general marketing jobs, notes the second source.

Email Marketing Coordinator

Email marketing coordinators craft emails to connect with specific audiences. They earn an average of $97,5381. The third source shows that digital marketers, in general, earn from $61,250 to $208,000 on average. This highlights the solid pay in the digital marketing field.

Geographic Variations in Digital Marketing Salaries

Looking at [geographic variations in digital marketing salaries], where you work really matters in how much you’ll make. In the U.S., digital marketers earn an average of $86.9K a year. This is higher than the global average of $53.6K.5 But, not every place in the U.S. pays the same.

For example, in Los Angeles, digital marketing pros make about $97,631 on average. In New York City, it’s even more at $101,867. Yet, Austin, Texas lags behind with an average of $67,244.5 The differences in pay are also seen in San Francisco, CA. There, Digital Marketing Managers earn 25.0% more than the national average. Meanwhile, Miami, FL sees salaries that are 3.5% lower.4

But it’s not just the U.S. that shows these big pay gaps. The VP of Digital Marketing salary changes a lot depending on where you are. In San Francisco, it’s 25.0% above the national average. In Washington, DC, it’s 11.3% more. Yet, Miami, FL falls below with 3.5% less.6 These findings really drive home the need to check [digital marketing salaries by location] before making career decisions.

digital marketing salary

Digital marketing salaries vary, especially between entry-level and experienced professionals. The first source says entry-level workers make between $39,281 and $60,359,1 but this rises to $66,073 to $123,157 for mid-level jobs.1 At a senior level, salaries can reach $113,657 and go up to $128,831,1 while directors make $110,626 to $181,461.1

Entry-Level vs. Experienced Professionals

The difference in pay is emphasized by the second source. For instance, as of July 2023, a digital marketing specialist’s average base pay is $54,819,2 compared to a manager’s $78,232.2 The third source highlights the high-earning potential for all marketing jobs, with average salaries ranging from $61,250 to $208,000.4

Specialized vs. Generalist Roles

Salaries change even more for specialized roles. For example, the first source lists different job titles and their salaries: social media manager ($57,126),1 content marketing manager ($87,037),1 email marketing manager ($97,538),1 paid search manager ($98,896),1 and SEO manager ($99,276).1 These specialized jobs often pay better than generalist roles, says the second source.2

The Impact of Industry and Company Size

The digital marketing scene is hugely varied. Digital marketers’ salaries swing a lot.2 They can change based on what field you’re in or how big the company is. For example, a digital marketing manager in finance might earn $98,227 a year. Yet, in education, that figure drops to around $79,907. This shows how much your field affects pay.

Digital Marketing Salaries in Tech and E-Commerce

Company size matters a bunch too. Big tech and e-commerce businesses often have more cash to splash. They pay their top digital marketing wizzes better.1 So, at places like Amazon or Disney, these experts could snag more than $100,000. But if you’re at a smaller org like the YMCA, you might only see about $50,000.2

Research from multiple sources backs up the punch that industry and company size pack.215 Those in tech, working for bigger companies, often get a bigger pay window. This is compared to those in different industries or smaller outfits.

Advancing Your Digital Marketing Career

digital marketing portfolio

In the fast-moving world of digital marketing, keeping up is key. This means always growing your skills and knowledge. Certifications and ongoing learning are your best friends in climbing the career ladder and making more money.278

Certifications and Continuous Learning

Getting certified in areas like Google Analytics or Inbound Marketing shows how serious you are. It proves you’ve got what it takes.8 To get certified, you usually have to complete some training and pass some tests. This tells employers you’re skilled and ready to shine in your job.8

But it’s not just about certifications. Keeping up with the latest in digital marketing through online courses, workshops, and events is crucial. Learning new tools and strategies makes you more capable. Plus, it makes you a real asset to any team.27

Building a Strong Portfolio

A solid digital marketing portfolio is just as important as certifications. It’s your chance to show off your work. This can include stuff you did on your own, for hire, or just for fun. Building up a range of campaigns, content, and data lets people see what you’re capable of.78

By keeping up with certifications, learning, and growing your portfolio, you’re paving the way for better jobs and more money in the digital marketing world.278

Negotiating Your Digital Marketing Salary

If you’re a skilled digital marketer, you can aim for a salary that matches your expertise. It’s key to do your homework and know your value.9 Studies show that asking for a higher salary in this field is common and can lead to better pay.9 Knowing the average salaries in digital marketing is crucial for a good negotiation.9 Your job duties also heavily influence your salary in this industry.

Research and Know Your Worth

10 Use websites like Glassdoor, PayScale, and Indeed to learn the typical digital marketer’s salary.9 Showing what you can do through a digital portfolio can boost your chance of getting a higher salary.11 Having special skills in areas like SEO, PPC, and optimizing campaigns is also a plus. It helps strengthen your position when discussing salary.11 If you’re better than what’s usually found in the industry, you can ask for more money.

Timing and Tactics for Salary Negotiations

10 When talking about salary, also consider benefits, bonuses, and perks.10 You might want to ask for performance-based bonuses like commissions or profit-sharing.10 You can also discuss getting non-cash benefits such as flexible hours or a mentor.10 Expect to hear another offer when you bring up salary.10 It’s important to share what you’ve achieved and the value you bring during these talks.10 Stay calm and strategic when dealing with objections or counteroffers.10 Remember, employers may need time to think it over or check with their superiors.10 Negotiating well is a skill you can get better at with practice.10 Always thank the employer, no matter the result, for discussing your pay.11 Being ready for objections during the salary talk is key. Address issues like limited budgets or salary caps.11 Aim for a solution that benefits both you and your employer.11 After the negotiations, send a professional thank-you note regardless of how it turned out.

Trends and Future Outlook for Digital Marketing Salaries

digital marketing salary trends

The digital marketing field is growing fast. It’s becoming more crucial for businesses to market online effectively. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 6% growth in demand for advertising and marketing managers by 2032. Over 34,000 new jobs will open up yearly in the next decade.12 This trend means skilled digital marketers will continue to find high-paying jobs.

On average, digital marketers in the US earn $63,487 yearly, according to Indeed.12 But, salaries vary a lot. For example, a digital marketing manager might make $78,232, a social media manager $53,242, and an SEO manager $71,624. This shows that having specific digital marketing skills can lead to better pay.2

New digital marketing trends like short videos and mobile marketing are changing the field. They are increasing the demand for experts and possibly raising salaries.5 More U.S. digital marketers are also working remotely. This difference in work style can affect how much they earn, as companies try to retain top talent.5

The digital marketing job market looks promising for the future. With continued industry growth, skilled professionals will be in high demand. Those who keep updating their skills, have a solid portfolio, and can negotiate well stand to gain from the industry’s opportunities.2512

Additional Factors Influencing Digital Marketing Compensation

Base salary is important in digital marketing. But many other factors affect how much professionals in this field earn.13 Things like extra benefits, remote work, and flexible hours make a big difference.

Benefits and Perks

Digital marketers get more than just a good salary. They also enjoy benefits and perks that boost their pay.13 These can be things like health insurance, bonuses, and chances to learn more in their field.

Remote Work and Flexible Schedules

Many in digital marketing can work from anywhere and have flexible hours. Employers that allow this can keep the best workers. They help by offering a better work-life balance.

The digital marketing world has great earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes they can earn between $61,250 and $208,000. This shows that skilled professionals get more than just a good wage. They also have many chances to grow and get more benefits.


This article gave a detailed look at digital marketing salaries in the U.S. It covered average pay, what affects how much you earn, special job roles, where you work affecting pay, getting ahead in your career, asking for better pay, and where the industry is going. The info from our three sources clearly shows that digital marketing jobs pay well, especially for those who keep learning, have a good portfolio, and can negotiate.3 As the digital marketing industry gets even more important, the future looks good for those who are skilled.14

In May 2021, marketing managers earned a median salary of $133,380,3 with top roles paying even more. Marketing Managers made about $153,440, Public Relations Managers got $138,000, and Art Directors earned $115,430 on average.3 The job market for marketing managers should grow by 10% from 2020 to 2030,3 showing more demand for these professionals.

The article showed how much you can make in digital marketing. But, it’s crucial for people starting out to keep learning, improve their work examples, and know how to ask for more money.14 Always keeping up with what’s new, getting better at certain jobs, and proving your value can lead to great job chances in this fast-changing area.3


What is the average digital marketing salary in the U.S.?

The average salary for digital marketing in the U.S. is about ,648, as per Indeed. ZipRecruiter says it’s around ,381, and notes ,073.

What factors can influence digital marketing salaries?

Several factors can affect how much a digital marketer earns. This includes how experienced someone is, the size of their employer, the field they work in, and where they work. Education, specific job duties, and sought-after skills also play a role. Finally, the size and type of the company are key too.

What are the salaries for different digital marketing roles?

Social media marketing managers make an average of ,126. Content marketing managers, on the other hand, earn about ,037, while email marketing managers make around ,538.

How do digital marketing salaries differ across different U.S. cities?

In places like Los Angeles, digital marketers make around ,631 on average. This figure goes up to 1,867 in New York City. Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, it’s about ,244.

How do digital marketing salaries differ based on experience level?

Entry-level professionals make between ,281 and ,359. That grows to ,073 to 3,157 for mid-level positions. Senior-level roles pay 3,657 to 8,831, and directors can earn 0,626 to 1,461.

How does industry and company size impact digital marketing salaries?

Where you work also affects your digital marketing salary. Bigger tech and e-commerce firms often pay more. In comparison, digital marketing managers in finance might earn an average of ,227. Those in education, however, might make ,907.

What steps can digital marketers take to advance their careers and increase their earning potential?

Digital marketers can boost their careers by learning new things, getting certified, and adding to their portfolio. They can do this through side jobs or short contracts.

How can digital marketers effectively negotiate their salaries?

They need to research their value considering their experience, the job they do, and where they work. It’s important to have data and examples to back up why they deserve more.

What is the future outlook for digital marketing salaries?

Salaries in digital marketing are expected to keep rising. There’s a growing need for experts in areas like short video content and mobile marketing. This could lead to more job opportunities and better pay.

What additional factors can influence digital marketing compensation?

Besides basic pay, perks and work benefits add to a digital marketer’s total earnings. Health care, retirement plans, bonuses, and flexible work schedules can make a big difference in how much they make.

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