Top Cat Names – The Best Ideas for Your Feline Friend

Looking for the best name for your new cat friend? You’re in the right place! This guide covers everything from classic names to trendy and unique ones. Explore the best male, female, food, and drink-inspired names to find the one that makes your feline stand out.

Rover, a pet-sitting site, lists the top names for male cats. The favorites are Oliver (Ollie), Milo, Leo, Charlie, and Max.1 For females, the top choices are Luna, Lily, Bella, Lucy, and Nala.1 But there’s more to discover. People are starting to pick names based on food and drinks. Examples include Biscuit, Fluffernutter, Marmalade, Butterscotch, S’more, and Oreo.1 Isn’t this creative?

Key Takeaways

  • The top male cat names are Oliver, Milo, Leo, Charlie, and Max.
  • The top female cat names are Luna, Lily, Bella, Lucy, and Nala.
  • Food and drink-inspired cat names are a popular trend, including Biscuit, Fluffernutter, and Oreo.
  • Cat names can also be drawn from movies, TV shows, books, mythology, nature, and even celebrities.
  • Choosing the perfect name for your feline friend can be a fun and exciting process.

Most Popular Cat Names

Rover, a top pet-sitting site, says Oliver, nicknamed Ollie, is the favorite for male cats. Also on the list are Milo, Leo, Charlie, and Max.2 Many cat owners love these classic names for their timeless charm and familiar connections.

Top Names for Male Cats

For female cats, Rover notes that Luna leads the pack. Following her are Lily, Bella, Lucy, and Nala.2 These names come from nature, literature, and movies, showing how varied cat owners’ interests are.

Top Names for Female Cats

Rover’s list also highlights classic names popular for both genders. As mentioned, Oliver, Milo, and the others top the chart for males. Luna, Lily, and Bella shine for females.2 They symbolize everlasting favorites among cat owners, evoking images of beloved characters and nature.

cat names Inspired by Food and Drinks

Naming cats after foods and drinks is a big trend. For instance, you have names like Biscuit, Fluffernutter, and Marmalade. You also see Butterscotch (known as Butters), S’more, and other tasty names.3

In a recent survey, 13% of all cats were named after food or drinks. This shows many pet owners love using food as name inspiration.3

The study lists over 300 food names for cats. This gives a wide range of options for naming your furry friend after something delicious.3

You can find names for cats based on types of food, like desserts or spicy dishes. There are also funny and Japanese-inspired names. Plus, each state in the U.S. has its favorite food names for cats. For example, Seattle loves names like Bean, Beanie, and Beans.3

It doesn’t stop there. Italian food names for cats are also very popular. Names like Alfredo, Gelato, and Risotto are common. These names connect your cat to Italy’s rich culinary tradition.3

Names Inspired by Movies, TV, and Books

Cat owners love naming their pets after famous works.4 They might pick names like Rip, Aaron Purr, or Mistoffelees. These come from shows such as Yellowstone or from books and movies.5

Cat Names Inspired by Movies and TV Shows

The world of books is another go-to for great cat names.5 There’s Gatsby, Pip, and Crookshanks to name a few. These names are from classics like The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter, and even superhero sagas like Marvel.

Cat Names Inspired by Books

For female cats, literature has6 characters like Buttercup from “The Hunger Games” and Okoye from “Black Panther.” For boys, names like Gale from “The Hunger Games” or Poe from “Star Wars” are great.6

Mythological cat names

Thinking about a name for your cat? Getting ideas from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian myths is a great start. These cultures thought highly of cats. They believed in their mystic powers. So, giving your cat a mythological name is quite fitting.7

Greek Mythology Cat Names

In Greek myths, names like Artemis and Zeus stand out. Artemis was the goddess of hunting. Zeus was the powerful king of the gods.7 Aries, known for war, or Hercules, a famous hero, are also great choices. For something different, consider Nyx, the night goddess, or Athena, goddess of wisdom.7

Roman Mythology Cat Names

Looking to Roman stories can yield cool names for your cat. Mars, the god of war, and Remus, Rome’s founder, are good options. You might also like Ajax, a brave warrior from the Trojan War.8

Egyptian Mythology Cat Names

The Egyptians honored cats, seeing them as sacred. This makes their mythological names unique. Choose from names like Hades, Isis, and others that reflect mystery and power.8

Classic cat names

Classic cat names

There are some classic cat names always in fashion. Names like Puff, Whiskers, Felix, Oscar, and Smudge stay popular. Also known are Fluffy, Angel, Lady, and Lucky.

Add Duke, Coco, Vera, Patches, and Winston to that list. Include Bandit, Princess, Penny, Bella, Sasha, and Socks too.9

A big share, 46%, comes from classic literature. Then, 27% come from kids’ books, showing they’re fun and well-loved names.9

Nature-Inspired cat names

For those who love the natural world,10 there are many great cat names from nature. You could pick names that show how beautiful and peaceful the outdoors is. This way your cat’s name could fit its personality and love for nature.

Flower Cat Names

Names inspired by flowers bring a soft, pretty vibe. Choices like Willow, Lily, and Clover are sweet. Birch, Ivy, and Blossom add a lovely, nature feel to your cat’s name. Then there’s Petunia, Rose, and Dandelion for more flower options. Fern, Bluebell, Orchid, and Daisy complete this gentle, floral list.10

Gemstone Cat Names

If you want your cat to have a touch of glamour, consider gemstone names. Topaz, Onyx, Jade, and Pearl are beautiful and luxurious options. Ruby adds a bold, striking choice to the mix.10

Nature Element Cat Names

You might like names that come from the earth, sky, and sea. Names like Smoke, Midnight, and Everest feel majestic. Rain adds a refreshing, natural element to your cat’s name.10

Celebrity-Inspired cat names

Celebrity inspired cat names

If you love famous folks, you might name your cat after them. For instance, Dolly (after Dolly Parton), Gaga, Doja Cat, Ozzy (like Ozzy Osbourne), Bruno (after Bruno Mars), and Shakira are cool choices.11

Musician Cat Names

Music fans often name their feline friends after beloved singers. Some examples include Bing Clawsby, Catrick Swayze, Dolly Purrton, and RuPaw.11 Over 40% of these star cat names come from catchy or clever phrases. For instance, there’s “Eye in the Dark” by Norman Reedus and “Purrfect” by CeeLo Greene.12 Also, 20% of these names are food-related. You’ll find names like “Nacho” from Bobby Flay and “Sushi” from Justin Bieber.12

Actor Cat Names

Movie stars often become inspiration for cat names. You might choose names like Cole (for Cole Hauser), Mila (after Mila Kunis), and Whoopi (like Whoopi Goldberg).11 Some names are inspired by places, making up about 15% of the list. For example, “Hollywood” inspired Jenna Bush Hager and “Jericho” was chosen by Russell Brand.12 People names are also popular, making up 20% of names. These include “Frederick” by Jennifer Lawrence and “Louis” by Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban.12

Athlete Cat Names

If you’re a sports fan, you might pick names like Jet (for Jet Li), Lionel (after Lionel Messi), Beckham (like David Beckham), or Mamba (for Kobe Bryant) for your cat.11 Small screen and big screen characters inspire about 7% of these celebrity cat names, too. For example, “Olivia Benson” by Taylor Swift and “Nermal” by Mayim Bialik.12

Unique cat names

Beyond the classic and popular cat name choices, owners can find unique, creative names for their cats. Place names for cats13 bring a sense of adventure. Names like Brooklyn, Montana, and Sonora add a unique flair.

Fun, clever word play cat names13 can be exciting too. Think about names like Catzilla, Koldunova, and Kittypurry. They make your cat stand out in a fun, unique way.

From place-inspired names to creative word play, unique cat names13 open up a world of choices. You’ll have no trouble finding just the right name for your special feline friend.


Finding the right name for your new cat is a thrilling process. This guide covers the trendiest cat names from classic and loved to unique and special.14 You will surely find a name that fits your cat perfectly and feels like it belongs in your family.15

You might like popular names such as Oliver, Luna, and Bella,15 or lean towards unique names like those inspired by food and pop culture.14 This guide gives you lots of ideas to pick the best name for your pet.16 There are so many good choices out there, making the final choice clear.”

Choosing a name for your cat should be fun and reflect their unique nature. With this guide, you’re equipped to pick a name that will make both you and your cat happy for years.14 Start enjoying the journey of finding the perfect name with creativity as your guide.


What are the top cat names for male cats?

According to Rover, top names for male cats are Oliver, Milo, Leo, Charlie, and Max. These names are classic and loved by many. They have a strong connection to famous characters.

What are the top cat names for female cats?

Rover tells us that Luna, Lily, Bella, Lucy, and Nala are favorite names for female cats. These names come from nature, books, and popular culture. They show the varied tastes of cat owners.

What are some popular food and drink-inspired cat names?

Cats named after food and drinks are trendy. Some names include Biscuit, Marmalade, and S’more. Unique names like Wasabi, Mocha, and Cheeto also stand out.

Where do people get inspiration for cat names from movies, TV shows, and books?

People often name their cats after characters from their favorite shows and movies. For example, there’s Rip from Yellowstone and Binx from Hocus Pocus. This practice shows a love for storytelling.

What are some examples of cat names inspired by mythology?

Mythological names can be special for cats. For example, Artemis and Zeus are from Greek myths. Roman legends inspire names like Mars. Egyptian stories suggest names such as Isis.

What are some classic and timeless cat name ideas?

Names like Puff, Felix, and Oscar have always been popular. Others, like Lady and Bear, sound timeless. These names are loved for their simplicity and charm.

What are some nature-inspired cat name ideas?

Many like to name their cats after elements of nature. Popular choices are Willow, River, and Dandelion. There are also gemstone names like Ruby and Pearl.

What are some examples of celebrity-inspired cat names?

Celebrity names can also be fun for cats. For instance, names like Dolly for cat owners who love Dolly Parton. Other famous influences include actors like Mila Kunis and athletes like David Beckham.

What are some unique and creative cat name ideas?

Naming cats after places can be unique, such as Brooklyn. Fun word plays produce creative names, such as Catzilla and Kittypurry. These names stand out.

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